Most Anticipated Cameroon Movie ‘Mother Hen’ Hits Cinemas On December 14, 23

Nov 20, 2023
Characters in the movie

This is an extraordinary cinematic adventure featuring the best talents in the movie industry. Some will wonder if the movie industry in Cameroon is still viable, but with outstanding performance and the presence of talents from the cast of Mother Hen, the cinematography is thriving

Mother Hen is typical, a Cameroonian story and it is exquisitely unique in its storyline depicting the intention of messing with the wrong mother. With recent images of scenes from this legendary production, many fans are anticipating December 14, 2023, at Canal Olympia Bessengue, Douala, and December 22, 2023, at the prestigious Canal Olympia in Ngoa-Ekelle, Yaounde, with tickets to watch the movie in high demand

However, the overall focus has been on the four pivotal characters in the movie, who are national icons. Their presence has ignited unprecedented anticipation from movie lovers.


Ifaana Qualar

She is a certified life coach, capacity-building trainer, public speaker, TV and radio host, and writer whose passion is empowering people and helping them have a larger vision of their lives.

She is the founder of MAD which stands for “Making A Difference”. I AM M.A.D. Ifaana is an actress who has featured in 8 Cameroonian movies playing lead roles and was selected for international awards including the Crime and Punishment Festival in Istanbul, the International Film Festival, and the Oklahoma Urban Cinema Festival. Ifaana Qualar will be playing the lead role of Eveline in the movie.

Bediance Tangwe          

He is a police officer, with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Law, a certified Safety engineer, and a consultant in Safety and Quality management. He is also an Artist and a writer with a developed passion for acting since 2016 and has acted in several movies like Rage Passion, just to name a few. He played the role of Tommy in the movie Mother Hen.


Popularly known as Grandmami, he is an actor and a Fashion Model.  moved to Dubai where he participated and left his mark on several modeling competitions like the “INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK While playing football in Nigeria, he got bitten by the acting bug and it was not long before he got in full-time, featuring in a few movies before returning home to Cameroon to work his way up the ladder by attending all the auditions he could. This paid off, as he was among two Cameroonians selected for the “Being in Nollywood “ Roktv reality TV show in Nigeria. In Nigeria, he has been sharpening his skills and has featured in over 40 movies since January 2022.  If you pay attention to your screens you will catch his movies on Roktv, Irokotv, Africa Magic, and YouTube. He has been on some huge projects with A-list international actors. Movies like  Hotel Labamba, Merry Men 3, and Family Feud, just to name a few. These are in cinemas and will be on international streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix soon.

Shanty Tweedy                                                                                                                                            

With real name Ntachi Charlotte, She is not only a talented actress, and screenwriter but also a communication officer of the Douala film community, a Communication officer of Biggy Studios, and a lover of cinema, with over 20 films. She stars in an award-winning movie, called “An Illusion” a screen played by herself and she played the lead character bagging over five international Awards.  In her round and versatile character, she will be playing the role of a cop in the movie Mother Hen. With her Bachelor’s degree in African Literature and cinematography at the University of Yaoundé 1 we can only expect the best.

The tickets are currently selling at price ranges from 5000,10000, 15,000,30,000,50,000 FCFA for singles and couples who are looking forward to ending the year in BLISS