Inside Gilgal Tower’s Erica Ballroom; Where Luxury Is Served, Enjoyed At Its Best

Nov 22, 2023
Gilgal tower

Gilgal Tower is one of the seven wonders in Limbe. Officially launched on June 18, 2022, it has set and now leads the pace when it comes to hosting and giving every event organiser and guest, classy and top-notch hosting services to enjoy the best in luxury and life.

In keeping with its ultimate standard in hosting its guests, Gilgal Tower has become a place of choice especially those from the diaspora who want to enjoy the best of what Limbe and Cameron has to offer.

Erica Ballroom
Erica Ballroom

Inside the Gilgal Tower are state of the art facilities all of which are breath-taking and record making. There, you find luxury suites and apartments, furnished offices, global conference room and an exquisite event centre called the Erica Ballroom.

Erica Ballroom, a 700 overall with 5 exit doors for safety and convenience has special room for guest of honour. It is called the Green Room.

Located on the basement and mezzanine floors of Gilgal Towers Limbe, Erica Ballroom is making news as the destination for events & celebrations.

The Ballroom is a long lasting legacy named after the owner’s beloved daughter Erica, who passed away in 2020 at the young age of 27. It is a reflection of her passion for elegance, her crave for class, and her love for action.

Erica’s ballroom is a unique and spacious hall in the entire nation, and a site of attraction to many from the diaspora.

It comes with a 30,000 Watts speaker system using world class speakers, mixers and lights. In fact, it is an ultra-modern multi DJ booth. It has a large LED screen placed outside as a guest directory, for seat assignment.

At this ballroom you can showcase your elegance with extravagance, class and style.

With wedding packages available to host 300 to 400 guest with green rooms, diamond and platinum plates, champagnes, presidential suites, beauty salons, buffet dinner for couples and their guest.

Erica Ballroom is more than just a venue, it is a spacious ballroom, with fine china, splendid décor, valet parking and other related services to ensure your event is a success.

Visit Erica Ballroom today and enjoy luxury at its best.