Investing In Women To Accelerate Progress: Emeldine King Njoya Expresses Readiness To Train, Mentor and Coach After A Bout Of Talks To Groups 

Mar 8, 2024

Cameroonian-born transformational leader, corporate trainer and Coach, Emeldine King Njoya

By Andrew Nsoseka

Cameroonian-born transformational leader, corporate trainer and coach, Emeldine King Njoya who is in the business of helping nurture and bringing out the best in people and their business endeavours, has been speaking and facilitating a couple of women’s programmes. King’s outings recently are in line with the focus of this year’s Women’s Day theme aimed at investing in women, in order to accelerate progress and growth. To realise this, King has been seen and heard on several media outings and speaking engagements notably in Douala and Yaounde. 

In her media outings, she has been encouraging women to dig deeper and to believe in themselves. Investing in women must begin with the woman herself. She encouraged Cameroonian women to participate in their own rescue by taking responsibility for their lives first before waiting for anyone else to invest in them. 

King has made a couple of media appearances on CRTV’s programmes: Calling the women, Cameroon Feeling, L’aughter at Work, Action Woman, Inspiring Moments, and Frank Talk. She has used the airtime to inspire, equip, encourage and exhort women to strive to be the best versions of themselves by fully tapping into all their unlimited potentials and natural talent. 

She has also been on Canal 2 International, where she focused her outing on talking about women and leadership. There, she explored the role of women as leaders, and the opportunities they can grab to be effective and outstanding leaders in the various fields where they operate. In line with this year’s women’s theme, she believes that by investing her energy in such campaigns, her efforts will payoff when the women who listen to her, apply the knowledge wherever they are or operate.  

King has also made stops at Equinox TV, as well as STV. In all outings, she has coached people to tap into the best of their abilities and capitalise on such efforts to make progress and accelerate growth. 

This week, Emeldine King Njoya will be speaking and facilitating quite a number of women’s programmes. 


Available for Corporate Events:

King has made it known that she is available to keep giving talks to groups, institutions and companies that wish to elevate their women folk. She is also offering corporate training for Leadership Growth and Development, Employee Engagement, Team Building, Sales and Personal Branding. King’s packages can be customised to suit the needs of organisations. This helps to provide tailored solutions to the various challenges and needs of individual organisations.

This week, King will be speaking in the Ministry of Basic Education Monday. She will be a guest on CRTV’S “Cameroon Feeling”. King will also speak to Cameroon’s Association of English-Speaking Journalists in Douala.

For corporate events she has a couple of them lined up in March. In the days ahead, King will be speaking at Addax Petroleum, Ola Energy, Strategic African Women in Leadership(SAWIL), Intel HRC, CABEF(Central African Business Energy Forum), The Network for Corporate Women in Leadership, and a couple of other organisations.


King is active on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.