Suspected Ambazonia Agent Rearrested Again After Returning From Foreign Meeting

May 20, 2024

Calista Sube who had previously been arrested on suspicions of being involved in moving money around for Ambazonia separatists, was on May 17, 2024, again arrested by police officers in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala.
The lady who is known for her work as an activist, alongside her work as Operations and Customer Service Manager for UPS in Bonanjo, Douala, according to our sources was arrested and roughly dumped into a police van by police officers. Our sources also said her phone was also seized in the process
Sources familiar with her detention allege that she is been tortured for information about her trip abroad where it is alleged that she met and held meetings with separatist leaders, whom she had earlier been accused of moving money around for.
In 2023, Calista was accused of acting like a separatists’ treasurer, receiving money and information, and rechannelling it for them for their various operations in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions where separatist fighters have been fighting against government forces since 2017 when the Anglophone morphed into its armed phase. However, she had maintained that she is only involved in humanitarian efforts and not in financing any war efforts for Ambazonia separatists as accused by Cameroon security forces.
Calista’s recent arrest we learnt, is in connection with a meeting she is said to have attended alongside some separatist leaders in the US in January 2024, where she is said to have travelled to discuss a post-conflict democratic transition for Southern Cameroons, aka Ambazonia. Her attendance at the said meeting is said to have added credence to previous accusations that she was an envoy of Ambazonia separatists transacting for them from her Douala residence, in the guise of humanitarian activism.