FCFA 700 M Studies To Update Limbe Master Plan Launched

Jul 3, 2024

Mayor Paul Efome Mbole Ngale thanks the Government for accepting to sponsor the update of the Limbe City’s Master Development roadmap

By Francis Tim Mbom

The state-owned Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment Authority, known in French as MAETUR, has been contracted by the state to carry out new studies to update the Master Development Plan for the Limbe City Municipality. The old master plan is said to have outlived its usefulness in 2022.

MAETUR, as per the project, shall commence its studies from now until the close of 2025 and the state shall pay FCFA 700 million for the studies to be completed.

The first phase of the studies, which shall run from now until November 4, 2024, was launched on Wednesday, June 19, at the Limbe City Council’s deliberating chambers by the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, of Fako Division, Engelbert Viang Mekala.

“Limbe is fortunate. This is a project that shall see Limbe step closer to emergence,” the SDO said.

The updated master plan, when completed, shall serve as the development road map for the city of Limbe for the next 15 years, the City Mayor, Paul Efome Ngale, who welcomed the SDO, said.

In his opening presentation on why it had become necessary for Limbe to have its development plan updated, the City Mayor said the old one had become obsolete some two years ago. He added that the population of Limbe, today, has increased dramatically with current estimates put at 250,000 inhabitants. 

Thus, to effectively develop Limbe to a modern metropolis that answers to the economic, industrial, social, environmental and cultural needs of all, there was, therefore, need for new development road map. The City Mayor began by appreciating the SDO for his blessings to the project.

“I am indeed delighted that the Father of this lovely Division is here with us to give his blessings to this new episode of the modernisation of our City. I am talking about the SDO of Fako. I have always said it that you are a good omen to this Division and Limbe, in particular,” the City Mayor said.

Mayor Efome Ngale began by stating that Limbe was blessed with a lot of diverse natural features and endowed with plenty of potentials that are good enough to make it to become a developed city. 

“This is a city that has all the characteristics to grow and develop…Despite all these diverse natural features, we are all witnesses to the several challenges that the City of Limbe faces – floods and landslides, traffic congestion, geometric population growth, insufficient power supply and street lighting, shortages in water supply, non-approval layouts, one access road into Limbe.”

The City Mayor stated that MAETUR in its studies shall carry out a diagnostic study of the Municipality, taking into cognizance the above named challenges and more. At the end, MAETUR shall be expected to come out with a new development roadmap of the City while proposing solutions as to how the above mentioned challenges can be resolved in order to turn Limbe, in the next 15 years, into a modern metropolis.

The goal is to render Limber well-planned, with paved streets, a new access road, ample electricity and water supply to its more than 250,000 inhabitants, adequate health facilities, better waste and sewage management system, better drainage system to cater for floods and many more.

“The update of our Urban Master Plan will enable us to obtain a number of documents such as the land use planning…this will enable us to control of limits of space, protect forest areas, cultural heritages sites, natural and urban sites,” the City Mayor said.

He used the occasion to thank the Government, especially the Prime Minister, Chief Dr Dion Ngute, and the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes, for having accepted to fund the first phase of the studies to the tune of FCFA 300 million. 

“I want to thank the Minister because this year she has offered us in her PIB programme the sum of 120 million for this studies. Next year we are going to receive 90 million and another year, 90 million,” the City Mayor said.

He disclosed that the balance funding of FCFA 400 million shall come from the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development.

The Secretary General of the Limbe City Council, Thompson Kinge, proceeded to give a brief presentation about the overall objectives of the studies and what the City Council expects from MAETUR.

“The overall objectives of these studies will be to conduct a partial, environmental and socio-economic analysis of the Limbe Urban community with the view of updating the 2022 Master Plan,” the SG said.

He said the study shall have to align the development priorities of Limbe in line with the 2030 National Development Programme and the UN Sustainable Development goals.

MAETUR, according to the SG, shall be expected to, from the studies, come up with a diagnostic report of the challenges that the city faces, an assessment report of the outdated 2022 master plan and a map and a database of the City.

The launching was marked by the presence of officials of MAETUR who promised to do their best to meet the deadline expected from them.

Sonkeng Stephanie, a senior urban planner with MAETUR, had this to say: “We are going to in our studies correct the short falls of the outdated 2022 Master Development Plan.”