Limbe In Tears As Ill-fated Truck Kills 4, Injures Others

Jul 3, 2024

By Francis Tim Mbom

The vicinity of the Bosumbu (Mile Two) neighbourhood and, later, the Regional Hospital in Limbe were overtaken by wailing and expressions of consternation at about 9.00 am on Sunday, June 30. 

A truck that was transporting hundreds of cement bags into the city from Douala, allegedly lost hold of its breaks as it descended down to the City from the Mile Four end. The uncontrollable truck bashed against several vehicles amongst them was a Hygiene and Sanitation Company of Cameroon, HYSACAM, truck that was on its way up after having cleared off trash and was probably going to empty it. The cement truck slammed against the frontage of the HYSACAM truck and left its driver and co-worker badly injured.

After hitting the HYSACAM truck, the cement truck that was now descending down to town at breakneck speed bashed against an on-coming cab and left three of its occupants – one Didier who works with HYSACAM, one woman and a child all dead.

The truck finally overturned at the Bosumbu, Bocom area. The driver of truck is reported to have fled the scene while his conductor or assistant was injured and taken to hospital with the other injured victims.

At the Regional hospital where the casualties were transported to, there was wailing and mourning. HYSACAM workers who had been out at different points of the town and trying to keep it clean all downed their tools and rushed to the hospital when news swirled round town that their colleagues were involved in the accident.

For as it stands, one of the two occupants of the HYSACAM truck that was hit by the cement carrying truck later died at the hospital. Meantime, the cab that was crushed by the cement truck was equally had on board an off-duty HYSACAM worker. 

Thus, there was total consternation at the Regional Hospital as staff of HYSACAM thronged the place to find out about the state of their colleagues.

After the incident, traffic in and out of Limbe was completely grounded as an excavator machine was brought in to help clear the damage trucks and vehicles that had blocked the roadway. 

As at press time, the death toll was said to have reached four, among them two HYSACAM male workers, a woman and a child. Several others were still being attended to by the staff of the Regional Hospital who had been mobilised to attend to the victims by the Director of the Hospital, Dr Arreneke Nyenti.

The SDO is also said to have instantly mobilised the security forces to take care of the situation as the officers quickly rushed to the scene for a quick rescue mission.