The Numfor S. Foundation Provides Computers, Plant Trees In Fako

Nov 4, 2023

Planting a tree while others watch

The Numfor Solange Foundation run by Dr Numfor Solange, on Wednesday, Nov. 01 donated five brand new computers to assist the teaching of students at Government Technical College Bakingili, West Coast and another five to Faith International Comprehensive College, Isokolo – Limbe II Subdivision.

Wednesday’s donations came to add up to a total of 20 computers that The Numfor Solange Foundation in partnership with Change Agent – a Japanese Consulting Firm, have donated to schools across Fako.

“The Numfor Solange Foundation is aimed at promoting proper waste management, sustainability, and sensitisation of the population. In partnership with Change Agent Inc., a Japanese consulting firm on sustainability, learning development and systems thinking, we’ve donated computers to about 3 schools across Fako, we’ve introduced systems thinking, which is a holistic approach to solving problems in complex systems. 

“The Numfor Solange Foundation has carried out environmental activities, including beach clean-up, the donation of communal garbage bins, tree planting, upcycling, as you could see the students produced reusable items from waste materials. Our aim is to promote an awareness on waste management, and to ensure an inclusive participation for the achievement of the UN global agenda”, the organisation said in a statement.

Taking a tour

On Wednesday, April 19, Dr Numfor was at the Favour Technical and Comprehensive College Mukundange where she did the first donation to the benefit of the students and teachers there.

On Wednesday, Nov 01, the Foundation, led by its Vice President, Obase Mokube, was out again to help improve the quest for computer literacy education for students at Government Technical High School Bakingili in the West Coast Subdivision, a purely village locality.

After donating ten computers at Bakingili, there was also a tree planting exercise which the Foundation has been using as a means to encourage inclusive environmental education in schools. 

The Vice President of The Numfor Solange Foundation, Obase and his collaborators later left for Faith Comprehensive College in the Limbe II Subdivision where they did the final donation followed by the environmental awareness exercises.

Group photo

“The objective by our Foundation is, first, to create a special awareness for us to take special care of our environment…And since the world is going digital, our Foundation has decided to ease the learning environment in our communities by donating computers to these schools.”

The donations to the two schools were done in the presence and appreciation of Clarisse Mbotiji, the Chief of Bureau for Conservation and Environmental Monitoring, Fako.

“For The Numfor Foundation to relate the waste management to systems thinking, it shows that with the computers that they have donated to these schools, the students will go a long way to research more on how they can use them to better manage waste and the environment.” I think that it is a worthwhile initiative that the Foundation is doing to improve learning in our schools.”

The Principal of Faith International, Lem Dinnah and her students as well as those in Bakingili were all thankful to what the Foundation had donated to their schools.