At 2023 BRICS+ Forum: Cameroon’s Delegation Unveils Compelling Economic Projects To Attract Foreign Partners

Nov 11, 2023

Cross section of Cameroon’s Delegation to 2023 BRICS+ forum

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The 2023 International Municipal BRICS+ Forum, has ended in Saint Petersburg, Russia with the Cameroonian delegation presenting viable economic projects aimed at attracting foreign partners.

The 5th edition of the forum took place from November 9 to 10 with a 25-member delegation from Cameroon attending the event.

Among the 25 participants from Cameroon were mayors, businessmen, and the President of the East Regional Council, accompanied by IMBRICS Cameroon Ambassador, Alphonse Otsamzok. 

Over the course of the two days, Cameroonian delegates took the stage in various halls to showcase economic projects conducive to foreign investment in Cameroon. The participants emphasized agriculture as a significant sector for potential investment.

During a panel discussion, Dr. Joël Trésor Nyonkaa stated, “For Cameroon to achieve its 2035 vision of becoming an emergent nation, priority should be given to the education of children, particularly in the fields of sciences and technology.”

Wouamane Mbele, President of the East Regional Council, highlighted the importance of fruitful collaboration between his region and other federal governments, such as that of Saint Petersburg, to generate ideas focused on socio-economic development.

Meanwhile, council authorities at the event expressed their willingness to establish partnerships with enterprises possessing adequate technologies for the exploitation and transformation of Cameroon’s diverse natural resources. They signed memorandums of understanding with several enterprises based in BRICS countries. A BRICS delegation is expected to visit Cameroon early next year for fieldwork.

Alphonse OTSAMZOK, the IMBRICS ambassador to Cameroon, received praise for his significant efforts in mobilizing Cameroonian partners for the Forum and was honored with a special award. The 5th International Municipal BRICS+ Forum saw participation of over 7,000 individuals representing 56 countries. A Gala match was held on the sidelines of the event, serving as a means to strengthen cooperation ties.

It is important to note that this annual international event serves as a platform for representatives of councils, regions, and enterprises to discuss economic matters, municipal cooperation, and sustainable development among BRICS member states and invited countries.

The Forum, an integral part of the Project of International Municipal Cooperation among BRICS countries, aims to catalyze development through international cooperation and experience exchange at the municipal level within the BRICS nations.

One of the primary objectives of the Forum is to establish an economic platform that brings together investment projects from the municipalities of BRICS member states. Discussions at the International Municipal Forum of the BRICS Countries revolve around key issues such as the economy, investment, construction, real estate operations, trade, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The Forum provides participants with a platform to build meaningful connections and foster impactful communication, furthering the promotion of their ideas within the project objectives. The multidisciplinary business program focuses on the socio-economic development of the BRICS territories, with the participation of Russian and foreign statesmen, representatives from businesses, and academic circles.