Awasum Junior Elected African Director Of IFAF

Dec 4, 2023

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Awasum E. M. (JR), the President of the Cameroon Federation of American Football, has been elected as the African Director of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF).

Awasum Junior was elected on November 25 during the 25th IFAF Congress that took place at the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris, France. The congress was attended by over 80 delegates from 70 countries.

In a statement following his election, Awasum Junior stated that his election is a victory for Cameroon’s sports diplomacy and a great opportunity for the development of the sports in Africa.

As the newly elected Continental Director for Africa, Awasum Junior holds a position equivalent to that of a Confederation President at the International Federation of American Football.

Shortly after the election, Pierre Trochet, President of IFAF, shared his excitement about the election of Awasum Junior as the African Director of IFAF, stating, “We are thrilled to have Awasum Junior as the President of IFAF for Africa. I am eagerly looking forward to working with him for the growth and development of IFAF in the African continent.”

On his path, Scott Halenbeck, Vice President of IFAF, also extended his congratulations to Awasum, expressing enthusiasm about his leadership and the positive impact he will bring to football in Africa. Halenbeck affirmed that they will continue to support him and work together as a football family.