Bui Diaspora FC Crowned Champions Of BSFC 10th Edition 

Dec 22, 2023

Dr. Yaah Asheri Kilo handing trophy to Bui Diaspora FC

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Bui Diaspora FC has been crown champions of the 10th edition of the Bui Sports Fans Competition, BSFC. They emerge champions of the BSFC on December 17 after coming from behind to beat Mile One Kumbo FC 2-1 at the Ngoa Ekele Stadium in Yaounde.

The 2023 edition of the competition was chaired by Dr. Yaah Vivian Asheri Kilo, Secretary of State to the Minister of Basic Education. She was accompanied by a host of elites from the division. The competition was held under the theme, “Community Sports for Peace and Development.”

In this historic encounter, both teams displayed an unquenchable desire to claim the competition title. The first half witnessed an intense battle of wits and skill, with each team striving to gain an early advantage. The players demonstrated their technical prowess by executing intricate passes and launching relentless attacks. However, despite numerous close calls and heart-stopping moments, the scoreboard remained unchanged as the halftime whistle blew, leaving both teams hungry for goals.

The second half began with Mile One Kumbo FC capitalizing on an error from the Bui Diaspora FC goalkeeper seized the opportunity, to skillfully guided the ball into the back of the net, sparking waves of jubilation among their supporters.

Undeterred by this setback, Bui Diaspora FC rallied their spirits and launched a relentless offensive to find the much-needed equalizer. The tension in the air grew as the minutes ticked away, with spectators on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the decisive moment that would determine the fate of the finals.

In the dying minutes of the match, Bui Diaspora FC capitalized on a moment of defensive confusion and orchestrated a sublime goal that sent ripples of jubilation through their supporters. As the final whistle echoed through the stadium, the scoreboard displayed a hard-fought 2-1 victory in favor of Bui Diaspora FC.

This victory marked a significant milestone for the club, as they had previously claimed the championship in the ninth edition held back in 2016.

Speaking during the finals, Dr. Yaah Asheri Kilo urged the Bui Community residing in Yaounde and its surroundings to overcome divisive factors and foster unity. Emphasizing the importance of unity, she called on everyone to embrace acceptance, tolerance, and seek solutions to help the division progress.

Furthermore, she made a heartfelt plea to the younger members of the community who are currently residing in unfavorable conditions, encouraging them to come out, play football, and participate in the festivities. She reiterated that their current living situations are not suitable and urged them to seize opportunities for a better future.

Hyginus Sahka Mbah, President of Bui Strikers Veteran Football Club in Yaounde, praised the competition as a platform for building peace and empowering youth, fostering the growth of future leaders. He highlighted how the competition not only nurtures and empowers young leaders but also provides a platform to showcase, identify, and promote talents from Bui. This enables them to reach the highest levels of professionalism in sports, music, and other societal activities that benefit the community.

Since its launch in 2007, several sons and daughters of the division have participated in the competition and are now making their mark both within and outside the country. Some have even secured employment opportunities.