TPCC, Children With Disabilities Celebrate Christmas, Calling For Love To Prevail

Dec 22, 2023

Elizabeth Gohla (in Black) in a family picture with some elderly

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Timely Performance Care Center (TPCC), a center that takes care of children living with disabilities and the elderly have celebrated a Christmas party with a heartfelt call for love to prevail. 

The event took place on December 19 at the school campus located in Damas, Yaounde. Among the attendees was the founder of the center, Elizabeth Ghola.

During the ceremony, Elizabeth Ghola stressed the importance of understanding that children with disabilities are a gift from God. She urged Cameroonians to embrace and care for these children, as TPCC serves as a home for all individuals, especially the elderly and those who are traumatized or physically and morally disabled.

“This day is a very exciting day for me, and I don’t know how to express my joy. I want every child with disabilities to know that they are human beings just like anyone else. Having a disability doesn’t mean you are unfit to be in public. You are capable because you have your own unique gifts given by God, and God knows why you are here,” she said.

Nancy Betty Fonyuy, the Manager of the Center, highlighted the significance of this annual Christmas party. She stated that people of goodwill have always sought out vulnerable children to celebrate with and bring happiness to their lives.

Betty also used this opportunity to encourage parents across the country, emphasizing that no child is dispensable. “Every child, with or without a disability, has the right to celebrate Christmas because this is a period of love. You can’t truly love someone without celebrating with them. During this time, we expect everyone to reflect on the universal call for love,” Betty Fonyuy added.

Lydia Etoudi, a parent, expressed her happiness at seeing children with disabilities performing activities with joy. She acknowledged the struggles she has faced with her own child but was grateful to have found a place where her child could learn freely.

“To be honest, it hasn’t been easy with my child. He is 10 years old, and I have only just found a place where he can do something. You can imagine the past years moving from one hospital to another and from one school to another. I am happy I found this school,” Lydia Etoudi shared.

She also noted the positive changes she has observed in her child since attending this school, despite his difficulty with speech. “Each morning, he tries to say good morning,” and Lydia believes that with attentive understanding, he will continue to make progress. She envisions a wonderful future for him as he continues his education.

Representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs, MINAS, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, MINJEC, and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, MINEFOP expressed their appreciation for the party, which brought joy to both the children and the elderly. The event also included the awarding of certificates to the elderly, recognition for the best staff and class of the year, and the distribution of gifts to the children.