Meet Fotso Ngassa: Founder Of Gajo Livestock, A Start Up Revolutionising Livestock In Africa

Mar 6, 2024

Fotso Ngassa

The livestock sector is one of the fastest-growing agricultural subsectors in developing countries with its share of agricultural GDP already at 40 percent. Despite this significant contribution to GDP, this sector is perceived to be disrupted by a plethora of challenges, these challenges breed opportunities and, today, there are entrepreneurs using technology to revolutionise the sector.

Gajo Livestock, founded by the ambitious Fotso Ngassa, is the first halal platform for standard and traceable animal and fish products. It is a platform, which is making waves in Africa through its combination of technology to offer livestock products in their best state.

Gajo boasts today of exceptional mobile application technology with facilities like an e-wallet, full veterinary services, breeder-buyer connection in just one click, animal identification and traceability, pet registration for zoonotic disease prevention, online farming, vet pharmacy, and livestock provider registration to support the population in venturing into the livestock sector. 

Gajo Livestock aims to ensure food security, support farmers in rural areas, and address ecosystem challenges through the consumption of standard and traceable products, making it Africa’s premier livestock app.

The visionary behind this ambitious project, Fotso Ngassa, and his team dream and live to help livestock farmers across Africa.

With recognition in more than 40 countries, the start-up has bagged many awards at home and abroad. 

A mixture of agriculture and digital transformation is the direction where the country is heading and Gajo is leading in that domain.

To learn more about the start-up, visit their website