PROMOTE 2024: UK Confident In Cameroon’s Potential For Sustainable Future

Mar 8, 2024

HE Barry Lowen (m) pose for a family picture after visiting stands

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The United Kingdom (UK) has stated that the presence of their pavilion at the ongoing 9th International Exhibition for Enterprises, SMEs, and Partnerships in Yaoundé, PROMOTE 2024, illustrates their confidence in Cameroon’s sustainable future. 

The statement was made on Monday, February 19, by the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, HE Barry Lowen, while officially opening the UK Pavilion at PROMOTE.

During the opening ceremony, the British diplomat indicated that was the third time the UK is participating in PROMOTE and that the theme of a sustainable future will be further explored in a high-level green economy forum to be hosted within the week. 

 “The UK Pavilion at PROMOTE illustrates our commitment to the bilateral partnership and our confidence in Cameroon’s sustainable future. The theme of a sustainable future will also be explored in a high-level green economy forum we will be hosting later in the week,” HE Barry Lowen emphasised.

He also highlighted the progress and support to Cameroonian potentials, noting the participation of Cameroonian Women Entrepreneurs in the UK pavilion. He stated that 25 of them will be exhibiting within the week, and a seminar will bring together about 100 women business leaders. 

HE Lowen expressed hope that the opening of the UK Pavilion should certainly spark conversations leading to more business partnerships benefiting both Cameroon and the UK, showcasing the depth of the partnership between the two countries for the future.

Elias Pungong, President of UK-Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, expressed his appreciation during his visit to the UK pavilion. He noted that one can truly feel the growth in the trade relationship between the UK and Cameroon, reaching a new level.

“If you go around, you see world class UK companies exhibiting their skills. We invite everyone to come, see and forge partnerships between Cameroonian and UK companies for the mutual benefit and sustainable future. The relationship between UK and Cameroon is a long-standing relationship,” Elias Pungong said.

Senator Nfon Mukete, who studied in England and has worked closely with many British companies, expressed his delight at the presence of the UK pavilion at PROMOTE and the increasing interest in Cameroon. Despite his various portfolios, he highlighted his special relationship with Great Britain.

“Just two weeks ago, I was part of the delegation that went to UK on what is called the Green Economy… I think Britain has a number of potentials to do more creative things in bilateral trade. Apart from our historical togetherness, there are a lot of things for the future especially in the area of green economy. Great Britain is showing great leadership and you must know that the President of the republic is very keen on the environment and you could see the level of engagement of the country in various conferences. It is an area that I am looking at it very closely and I thing Cameroon businesses should take advantage,” he said.

Just after opening the pavilion, HE Lowen visited the stances to see how British companies have position yourself. The UK has a week-long schedule of activities at PROMOTE, including thematic side events by exhibitors, a symposium, a UK education fair, a business reception, and a women in Business and Innovation forum, among others.