Int’l Education In Central Africa:S t Mary’s Int’l College & University Institute Setting New Standards 

Mar 8, 2024

By Beng Humphrey Fang

Located in Mudeka, Tiko Subdivision in the Southwest Region, the new place-to-be is armed with all facilities to offer education of international standards to Cameroonian home or diaspora students, and others from different countries. 

As the school counts down to its official launch come April 26 2024, the institution is not only set to defend the pride it is going to hold to its credit as “the fountain of learning and character,” but it is coming in representing more of a new era in Central Africa in particular and the African continent in general. In a campus tour, The Post embarked on the various classical facilities of the institution set to give a new touch and facelift in the African international educational landscape. The eye-catching discoveries were convincing that the school is not just set for a new education era in Cameroon, but set to add to the touristic potentials of Cameroon. 

Visiting the school; its classrooms, amphitheatres, dormitory, sporting facilities, refectories, science and computer laboratories, libraries, chapel is an experience that very few will have and still question the pride of the institution as “the fountain of learning and character”. As admission into the prestigious school kicks off in March for the 2024/2025 academic year, Cameroonians in or out of the country are again optimistic securing a bright future for their kids, with the national and international education programmes offered at Saint Mary’s International College and University Institute.

News about this institution, soon to go operational, is what many have described as one of the best news this year in Cameroon. The prestigious international academic institution in the Central African Region distinguishes itself with class and quality not just in terms of infrastructure, but also in consideration of the established curricula in place.  . This institution has come in with an unmatchable distinction in the Cameroonian and African educational world that has a history of schools most of which are coeducational and others only for boys or girls.

Meet Paul Atang: The Proprietor Of Saint Mary’s International College 

Paul Atang is the Proprietor of one of the best international schools in West and Central Africa, Saint Mary’s International College and University Institute. The US-based Cameroonian educational visionary and humanitarian doubles as  the owner of Capital Care, a healthcare provider structure employing over six hundred Africans in the US  districts of Colombia and Maryland. 

He is back home to renew hopes of a better academic future for Cameroonian children at home and those in the diaspora. Paul’s dream to see Cameroon as an enviable heart of education in Central Africa and beyond is currently a reality and trending good news in the country with the successful construction of Saint Mary’s International College and University Institute, which stands unique both with its curricula and standards. 

The coming of this secondary and higher education institute in Cameroon is what many have described as a timely response to the problem many Cameroonians in the diaspora have had in the past in sending kids back home for education. The hindrance brought about by the fact that there wasn’t a school with international educational standards like  Saint Mary’s International College and University Institute.

Born and bred in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, Paul Atang holds to his credit the honour of a dynamic leader and humanitarian who believes in giving back to the society and changing the lives of the less privileged through any little means or help. Moved by this motivation in May 2021, Paul donated a consignment of lifesaving medical equipment to the Saint Blaise Catholic Hospital Mankon in the town of Bamenda, a gesture that came in response to the shortage of oxygen the health facility had been experiencing following the COVID-19 crisis.