SDF Will Resolve Anglophone Crisis In 100 Days After Taking Office –Joshua Osih

Apr 29, 2024

SDF National Chairman, Chief Joshua Oshi in Bamenda

  • Says Cameroonians Should Hold Biya’s Regime Responsible For The Ravaging War in Anglophone Regions

By Chris Mbunwe

While in Bamenda for a familiarization and strategic working visit with top party officials in the Northwest as recommended during the last National Executive Committee, NEC, in Bamenda over the weekend, the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, exchanged strategies on socio-political and economic live affecting Cameroon. To him, nobody can succeed when you mix a political problem with violence to look for a solution to a crisis that be solved without losing blood. 

To him, the Anglophone Crisis has escalated to this day because of President Biya’s intransigence and the hardliners in the bushes. 

As a solution, “Elections are coming up next year in February, vote SDF into power, and give us 100 days and this problem will be laid to rest. When time comes, we will tell Cameroonians how it is going to happen and they will appreciate it. Throughout the country, from the North to Southeast and West, and today in the Northwest, my caravan had met traditional leaders, Economic giants, Trade Unionists,  but for lawyers, because the Bar Council is involved in Bar Exams. In all the places I have gone to, I met with my party Officials to commune with them because this hinges on the mandate the entrusted to me. Bamenda is the birth place of the party, thanks to my late National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, in whom we are greatly indebted. Bamenda, is so exceptional, because throughout my tour, I have not spoken with the Press. So, I’m granting any Press conference, but to exchange views with you on how your problems can be tackled given the major role you have been playing in the democratic dispensation.” Osih said.

Osih listened to journalists with wrap attention behind closed doors, just as he did with party top brass earlier from a litany of problems from, the law on decriminalization of the Press, the so-called media aide or subsidies and how the suffering Anglophone journalists in the two war zones should be taken care of because they are “in hell”. 

Osih said he had been pushing hard in Parliament to make sure the law on press decriminalization should sail through, but the hurdles are many. 

“I will not relent” he assured journalists. He continued, that massive voter registration drive for “all Cameroonians home and abroad is” our preoccupation as well. If you stay away, wrong people will be voted and we shall continue to suffer for 5 more years. “He described media aide, as a tool to stifle the Press because those who receive it must show how it was used, just the same thing they do with aide to political parties. He said, the amount given to the media as subsidies is an insult.

Earlier, in a terse welcome address, the SDF, Regional Chairman, Mayor Cletus Fongu Tanwi, told Osih, “Insecurity or not, we are going to win.”

The visit took Hon Osih to late Fru Ndi’s village Baba II where he visited the grave, pastors and family friends prayed with him. Reports and observations from media personalities say, Fru Ndi’s son, Benjamin Fru Achu, including mourners were shocked that flowers were growing in a straight line that nobody planted them. From Baba II Palace, Osih, paid courtesy calls to the Northwest Governor, the Palaces of Bamendankwe, Mankon and Nkwen.