Pro-school Resumption Campaigner, Mother Abducted In Limbe

Mar 23, 2021

Mark Ngoran

One of the pro-school campaigners, Mark Ngoran was on March 20th, 2021, abducted alongside his mother in Fako’s Divisional Capital, Limbe.

The duo were taken from their home by armed men, suspected to be separatist fighters operating in the area.
Neighbours and sources familiar with the incident say the gunmen came at a few minutes past the hour of 7:00 PM when the duo had just returned home from the day’s work. Neighbours said the father of the targeted activist missed by just a few minutes, as he had stepped out of the house before the gunmen arrived.

The abduction is one among many that have principally targeted those advocating for school resumption in the crisis-ravaged English-speaking regions of Cameroon, the Northwest and Southwest regions.

The crisis has caused a mass exodus, as many children of school-going age have been forced to relocate to French-speaking regions, while a good number who don’t have the means to relocate have been forced to stay at home, missing years of school.