Citizens Wanted For Alleged Collaboration With Separatist Fighters

Jun 27, 2023

Some 10 individuals residing in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon are wanted for their alleged collaboration with separatist fighters, commonly known as “Amba Boys.”

Authorities claimed that these individuals are involved in funding the activities of the Amba Boys, who are actively fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroons and the establishment of a separate nation called “Ambazonia.”

The ongoing conflict between the separatist fighters and government forces has led to a tense atmosphere and numerous casualties in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. Some of the individuals named in the reports include Moses Kayin, Sada Miyi, Jetat Victor, Mildred Iyes, and Martins Awu, among others. These individuals are said to be in hiding.

One of them is Jetat Victor, a Northwest resident, whose story gotten from family members and friends is said to be quite distressing. According to information, Jetat Victor found himself in an unexpected predicament when he went to a nearby police station in Bamenda to file a complaint.

Instead of being treated as a victim, he was immediately suspected of being an accomplice to the “Amba Boys” and subsequently detained on charges of funding the fighters. During his time in police custody, he learned that the money he used to settle a ransom demanded by the Amba Boys was perceived as an act of funding their activities.

However, Jetat was eventually questioned and released on June 6, 2023, with the condition that he would return for further questioning on June 7, 2023. However, due to being suspected by both the military and the separatist group, he felt compelled to go into hiding for his own safety. Despite attempts to contact Jetat for additional details by this reporter about his ordeal, these efforts have been unsuccessful as he remains a wanted individual.

Regrettably, Jetat’s case is not an isolated incident. In this protracted conflict, numerous individuals have faced similar accusations of collaboration with either the military or the separatist fighters.

Regardless of their guilt or innocence, suspected individuals have fallen victim to the escalating violence perpetrated by both sides. The pervasive climate of fear and uncertainty has cast a dark cloud over the local population, leaving them in a state of perpetual apprehension.

The people of the Northwest and Southwest Regions yearn for an end to this cycle of violence and fear. They long for a time when peace and stability can be restored, allowing them to rebuild their lives and communities.

Observers hold that, until then, they have to continue enduring the devastating consequences of a conflict that has disrupted their existence and claimed the lives of countless innocent individuals. Many have been forced to live as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in other regions of the country, while others have sought refuge in neighboring countries.