Fako SDO Lauds SW Customs As They Celebrate May 20th

May 21, 2024

Fako SDO Lauds SWFako SDO being welcomed here by the SW Customs Officials among them the Brigade Commander, Nkandem, Litigation Officer, Ngoume and others

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Senior Divisional Officer for Fako Division, Viang Mekala, has lauded the Southwest Customs for their remarkable outing during the May 20th Celebration and, equally, for the immense contributions they have been making in the past few years to raise revenue for the state.

SW Customs Officers pose for a group shot after their May 20th March Past
SW Customs Officers pose for a group shot after their May 20th March Past

“We are here to celebrate with you because the Customs is an essential service to the State…I remember having taken part with you during your international Customs Day Celebration. And there, I learned of your formidable contribution in terms of raising revenue for the state. I have come again today, just to urge to continue,” the SDO said.
The SDO went on to tell the Customs Officers that he was very impressed with the way the Customs did the march past at the Manga Williams Avenue.
“I want to join the Representative of the Chief of Sector to state here that I was very impressed with you performance today during the National Day March Past. This is to say you are a Customs Corps that is very disciplined, a Corps that Commands respect and one that has to be trusted,” the SDO said as the Customs officers present exploded with joy and applauds.

The SDO was speaking at the SW Customs Sector Head Office at Bota Limbe, after the May 20th March past.
He had come to celebrate with them and also to encourage them to continue in their duty of helping to raise revenue which is very vital for the functioning of the country as a whole.
The Chief of Sector, Mongue Nyamsi Daniel, was represented by his Collaborator, the Chief of the Customs Bureau at Cape Limbo, SONARA, Mr Victor Sikuti.
While welcoming the SDO, he said they were very happy to him in their midst at their Bota Customs Sector Office.
He went on to disclose that the SW Customs family, this year especially, was celebrating the National Day in Limbe, Buea and also in Mamfe unlike previous years.

Fako SDO being received by SW Customs Officers on May 20th
Fako SDO being received by SW Customs Officers on May 20th

“I would want to thank the SDO of Fako who has come to celebrate with us, the DO and the Limbe City Mayor,” the Representative of the Chief of Sector said.
It should be remarked that the participation of the Customs started off with their March Past earlier in the day at the Manga Williams Avenue where the general May 20th Celebration took place in Limbe.
On behalf of the Chief of Sector, the Chief of the SONARA Customs Unit thank all the Customs Officers who took part during the 20th May March past for their impressive display.
The celebration at the Head Office of the Sector at Bota, Limbe, equally had the presence of members of the Fako Transporters Association.
“Today is a National Day and we are all very happy to be here to celebrate with the Customs officers. The Customs are our collaborators and we have to be with them in all domains,” the Secretary General of the Fako Transporters Association, Lengou Denis Yombi, said in appreciation.
The Customs Day event was coordinated by Chief of Litigation at the Southwest Customs Sector, Mr Ngoume Jean De Dieu, who ensured the total success of the day.